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Armored doors
BIO.KAS Daskalakis - Balatinakis IKE - Aluminum frames - PVC - Railings - Garage doors - Chania Crete

The company BIO.K.A.S. Daskalakis - Balatinakis IKE, with its headquarters in Chania, Crete, offers a wide range of services and products to its customers. In particular, it undertakes the installation of internal doors as well as the construction of armored doors in a wide range of options. The company BIO.K.A.S. serves the entire area of Chania but after consultation it also undertakes work throughout Crete.

The philosophy of the company BIO.K.A.S. is that a company's best advertisement is always its happy customers, which is why it makes sure to always be close to their every need, before and after the sale.

In collaboration with the biggest suppliers: Elvial, Europa, Exalco, Alumil.